Stewart's creativity and analysis, mixed with years of experience and business acumen, drives him to research topics that are related to the management, frameworks, and processes, employed and adapted specifically to the media and entertainment industry. Currently, Stewart's PhD research focus is the Screen Industry, and its preferred methods and techniques in management of visual media. However, this topic broadens into other areas of business management from various sectors and the psychology that different methodologies impose upon key stakeholders, including the cast and crews that facilitate the development of screen outputs.
Areas of Interest
- Media and Entertainment Industry -
- Intellectual Property Rights -
- Project and Contractual Working -
- Management Process Frameworks -
- Business Management -
- Creative Project Management -
Current Research
As a continuation of Stewart's journal-published MBA thesis, "Creative Industries - Project & People Management Techniques", his PhD focuses on the "Process Management Framework of the Screen Industries". This study compiles and analyzes current techniques commonly adopted for the management of teams throughout the screen industry, and offers a complete framework that is designed explicitly for this business sector.
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PhD, Doctor of Philosophy
Currently Researching
Research: Process Management Framework of the Screen Industries
MBA, Master of Business Administration
Thesis: Creative Industries - Project & People Management Techniques
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