Analytical and creative, a leader and collaborator, Stewart offers an array of advisory and consultancy services to individuals, groups, teams, executives, and corporations in multiple sectors. With an international career in media and entertainment, his specialist skills, unique background, and professional insight, help to give his clients effective solutions to every aspect of the global entertainment industry. His direct industry knowledge and experience is backed by academic qualifications and professional accreditations in business, including an MBA and current PhD research. Accustomed to integrated teams with diverse thinkers and skillsets, all working together to deliver exceptional outcomes, Stewart is able to assess the strategies, processes, procedures and practices that determine a client's ability to realize their value proposition. A major dimension in his consultations is valuing and advising on the positioning and structuring of transactions where intellectual property rights (IPRs) are a key driver of value, and contractual terms are of the highest significance.
Consultancy Services
- Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) -
- Contracts, Deal Structures, and Remote Working -
- Company Formation, Business Setup, and/or Project Setup -
- Options, Attachments, and Collaboration -
- Planning, Forecasting, and Roadmapping -
- Authentic Leadership, Interim Management, and Restructuring -
Speaking Engagements
- Conference Talks -
- Speaking and Lecturing -
- Course Creation and Delivery -
- Workshop Creation and Delivery -
Areas/Topics of Expertise:
Animation, Audio visual consultant, Audiovisual Production, Augmented Reality, Development of audiovisual works, Feature film, Film Director, Film Production - Media, Production of audiovisual content, Script Development / Consulting / Film Director - Media, Scriptconsultant / Script doctor, Scriptwriter, Television, Video Games, Virtual Reality [Creative Europe]
Areas/Topics Covered:
Animation Direction, Animation Production, Augmented Reality, Business Management, Career Guidance, Contracts and Agreements, Creative Budgets, Creative Projects, Creative Schedules, Creative Writing, Film Directing, Film Production, Finance, International Creative Industry, Pitching, Remote Working, Screenwriting, VFX Production, Virtual Productions, Virtual Reality
Courses Created:
3ds Max Rigging Fundamentals (2018), Advanced Car Rigging in 3ds Max (2011), Modeling and Rigging a Cartoon Shark on 3ds Max (2011)
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