Stewart Jones

Writer, Producer, and Director in US/UK/EU

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Hi. I’m Stewart, an award-winning creative professional with over fourteen years of experience in film, television, commercials and video games working with Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and DC Entertainment, amongst many others. My particular professional-focus is aimed at visual storytelling, delivering engaging content and amazing narrative stories to worldwide audiences in roles as Writer, Producer and Director. My background in animation and visual effects has granted me a diverse skillset and I’ve also written some textbooks in the artistic and technical areas of these disciplines.

In addition to my professional credits I have the pleasure of consulting and mentoring, as well as speaking and teaching online, and at various international conferences and colleges. I am a full member of the Writer’s Guild GB, a published author, and journal-published MBA graduate.


Please send me a message if you’d like me to work with me, discuss potential collaborations or if you are interested in consulting and mentorships. For further information please visit my IMDb page and look for me on Twitter.

  • Work
    • Writer, Producer, Director
  • Education
    • University of Wales
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